A Bribe

This is all it took! For the last two weeks we have been struggling with bedtime again with Erika. After almost a year of bliss, I sort of thought we were out of the woods with these kinds of issues with her, but now I have visions of a fifteen year old throwing a tantrum every time it's time to go to bed. After several nights of raising my voice, threatening various mean things, and being totally frustrated, Corey and I decided to try a different approach. A bribe. I was hesitant about this because I want her to go to bed without a fight because that's a reasonable thing to ask of a four year old, not because she gets to visit the dollar store. But in the end we thought that the important thing is to break the pattern and give her a chance to exhibit self control, even if it is for a reward.
I'm curious what others would have done in this situation and what you think of using bribes in this way. All I know is that we had a peaceful evening last night and I really needed it.

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