Attempt at Order

My life is a mess. Literally. Not like Hoarders mess (Yes, I watch that show on occasion), but a mess nonetheless. As a stay at home mom, I find it so, so difficult to keep up with the mess. At the moment I have no idea where my oldest child's birth certificate and social security card are. The towel closet threatens me each time I open it. There are piles of junk in many places and by the time I get to cleaning one, it is usually obsolete. We're not dirty people, just messy people. So when I read about this system somewhere a few weeks ago, I decided to give it a shot. This is more than a planner, it's a planner that tells you exactly what to do. Today, for example, my to-do list was as follows:

change dishcloth/towel
clean microwave inside and out
mop kitchen
clean glass- family/living room
change hand towels in bathroom
wipe down outside of kitchen cabinets

There are daily chores too, that you are supposed to do everyday, like feed your pet (easy, right?) and exercise (this is the one box that never gets checked off for me).

The idea is that if you can tackle these small tasks each day, your home should be relatively clean in a few weeks. We'll see about that. I'll keep you updated.

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