Ice Skating with Wax Paper

At preschool today Erika's class had an obstacle course and were awarded gold medals to celebrate the Olympics. She has only watched bits and pieces of the Olympics, but she came home today and immediately wanted to play Olympics. Audrey napped (after taking off all her clothes and diaper a few times) and we had obstacle courses in the living room.

She loved making up stuff for me to do and then watching me actually climb across the dining room table and jump on the couch. And it was a thrill for her to be able to climb all over the furniture without a thousand warnings from me that she was going to hurt herself. We took turns giving each other the gold medal and she loved every single time I put it around her neck and made some fancy speech about her skills.

And then I remembered this post over at Frugal Family Fun Blog. We taped wax paper to our feet, moved the rug out of the way (though I later saw that they actually did it right on the carpet), and skated around for quite some time. I highly recommend this! The picture of Erika was taken before she had the genius idea of taping the wax paper on. The pink stool in the background was later transformed into a podium.

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