Arts and Scraps

Today the girls and I went on a field trip with some friends. Arts and Scraps is a non-profit organization that encourages art made of recycled materials. I have an area in the basement where I cram any "trash" that I think will come in handy later for a project- coffee and oatmeal canisters, egg cartons, mesh bags, plastic containers. Arts and scraps is that times a million. For $7 you can fill up a paper grocery bag, for $3 you can fill a lunch bag. The kids had a blast running around and filling their bags, and I had a pretty good time too. Here is a quick tour.

Here is what we came home with.

When I got home and organized it all, I realized that I could have gotten twice as much stuff if I had just planned better. But, I was excited. And slightly distracted as it was hard to keep track of Audrey in the maze of stuff. She loved putting her hands in all the bins and feeling the various materials. These letters were her favorite, which is how we ended up with this pile.

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