Bread and Valentines

We had the perfect winter day yesterday. After a mostly snowless winter, we finally had a good storm yesterday and went out to tromp around in it. The girls made the first footprints all the way up our block and and made "snowcastles" with their sandbox tools. The snow wasn't really sticky enough to make this work well, so we'll have to give it another shot in the next few days!

Knowing that we were bound to home by the weather, I took advantage of this time to make some bread. I got the recipe from (I swear I don't work for them, I just use the site a lot). It turned out awesome! I was inspired by a post last week over at Gardenmama's blog. Erika loves to help in the kitchen whenever she can and especially likes to make her own tiny loaves and eat them warm out of the oven.

While waiting for the bread, we worked on some Valentine's decorations. This was a big hit because there was glitter glue involved. The hearts were pre-made and we just colored, glued, and stuck lots of stickers.

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