Alphabet Stamps

Erika filled her sticker chart and earned a visit to the Dollar store yesterday where she bought a Barbie-like doll whose legs are always falling off. The bribe has worked (for now) and I hope she learned a lesson about self control.

While at the Dollar store I picked up some foam letters to make stamps like the ones over at Craft Projects . I didn't have wooden blocks, so we just dove right in and used the letters as is. It was a little messy, but we think messy is good! As you can see, Erika's newly developed ability to write letters trumped her desire to use the stamps, but I think we'll be using these letter stamps again in the future. I did the alphabet (above) and hung it in Audrey's room. As she walked into her room her eyes lit up and she said, "ooh-la-la!", proving that the simplest activity can provide plenty of joy.

*This entry was written as part of the "Mom's 30 Minute Challenge"

2 thoughts on “Alphabet Stamps”

  1. you know, I thought stamps would be fun for my 28 month old but they weren't. it was just a mess. I guess I have to embrace mess...but it feels like my house is already so messy all.the.time. I want the projects we sit down to to not be as...silly I know...

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