I love Grooveshark! Somewhere along this path I lost touch with my love of music and stopped discovering new music. I don't seek out music like I once did partly because I don't have the time and partly because even if I find something I love, I'm too cheap to make the itunes purchase. And then Grooveshark entered my life. It's a free site where you can stream damn near anything. I have yet to type in an artist or song and not find it. Even obscure and Indy music is just a click away people! The best feature is the "similar" tab that lets you find new music based on whatever you're listening to.
Last week it occurred to me that kids' music might be available too, and, of course, it was! My ears were bleeding from the three songs that Erika was playing over and over and over again on her favorite kids album, so even music from Disney movies was a welcome relief. Erika and Audrey spent a lot of time dancing this week. Erika puts together intricate dances and Audrey goes around in circles, always watching her big sister out of the corner of her eye and trying to follow suit. And when they are resting, I can enjoy some music too.

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