High School Musical

The girls have been into The Sound of Music for months. Audrey comes over to the computer and requests the "baby cuckoo" scene from the movie and can watch it over and over again. Erika picks and chooses her favorite songs from the film on Grooveshark and dances around endlessly, singing and twirling all over the living room. So, when we heard that the theatre at Corey's old high school was putting on The Sound of Music, we knew we had to go. We didn't think Audrey could sit through the three hour performance, so she stayed home and watched the movie with her Boppa while the rest of us went to the show.

And it was awesome. I was so impressed with the singing and dancing! It was so professional and obvious that a lot of work had gone into it. There was a live orchestra playing all the music and we were able to peek down there a bit at intermission. And Erika sat and watched intently, singing when her favorite songs came on and smiling the entire time. I'm totally sold on high school theater after this weekend's show. I can't wait to take Erika again, and hopefully to a shorter show that Audrey can join us for.

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