Art Tissue Paper

I found a full package of art tissue paper when we went to Arts and Scraps and played with it today. We have tried using streamer in the past, but this worked much better.

The best way we have found to use it is to wet your paper slighty (one spray from a spray bottle) and place the paper where you want. If some parts don't soak through, you can use a paintbrush to wet it. Getting the paper a little wet before hand helps keep the pieces where you want them.

Erika liked playing with the colors and layering things, but when I started making a house beside her, she was immediately drawn to that and liked the idea of making a picture with the pieces. It's hard for me to stay out of the way when she's creating. I'm working on that.

She wanted to send the one that she did all by herself to her art pen-pal. Her pen-pal lives in West Virginia and we have been sending artwork back and forth for a few months. The Artful Parent matched families together last November- what a great idea, huh?

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