From the Library

I had a chance to go the Library alone this week! I found a ton of good reading for myself, but also a few things that Erika was pretty interested it. First, I got The Illustrated Book of Myths, retold by Neil Philip, which is full of Myths from all over the world. This book is not written for four year olds, so a lot of it went over Erika's head, but she really loved how fantastic all the stories were. People were being born of animals and of mud. Man was made again and again in so many ways with so much drama. It was right up her alley.

I also checked out Greek Gods and Goddesses by Gereldine McCaughrean. In the introduction McCaughrean writes, "the Gods... were marvelous. They ate magic food, covered astounding distances, wielded wonderful weapons, heard and answered whispered prayers, worked amazing magic." What four year old wouldn't love that?!

To balance out the heavy reading, I also checked out A Birthday Present for Mama by Nicole Lorian and Eloise and the Snowman by Lisa McLatchy. Erika really likes the Eloise books at the moment and spent a long time reading and re-reading that one. Then she ran off to find Audrey so she could pretend to be her nanny.

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