Glitter and Glue Collage

I was inspired after looking through a few books by MaryAnn Kohl that we checked out from the library this week. Erika doesn't really like to get messy, so this project really forced her out of her comfort zone. First, I took three small plastic bowls and put some glue, food coloring, and glitter in each one. Not sure why I chose food coloring, which turned our hands green and blue- washable paint would have worked just as well I think. We used yarn, toulle, and feathers to dip in the glue and stick on a piece of matte board.

Erika's hesitation quickly evaporated and she was more interested in squishing the glue in her hands than in the collage. I put a few wet paper towels in a bowl for her to wipe her hands off whenever she wanted and that helped a lot. This idea is so simple and so useful for this age, but it had never occurred to me. MaryAnn Kohl has lots of other great ideas in First Art and Preschool Art.

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