Serve It Yourself Tacos

Serve it yourself night is usually a hit around here. Sometimes I do it because dinner is a mish mash of random foods, like this. Sometimes I do it because Erika asks for it. And other times it is my tricky way of getting them to eat something that they don't usually love. Mexican night used to be a staple of our weekly diet until these little kiddos started protesting. Who doesn't love Mexican food?! So, I had to be sneaky.

I gave them tortillas, beans, ground beef, cheese, and sour cream. Start them off with the simple stuff before moving on to grilled veggies and such at a later date.

They started off by filling their tortillas.

And folding them up.

But then they kept losing their ingredients, so they just ate with spoons.

Until I remembered that I had hard taco shells and they transfered all their ingredients to those.

But most importantly- they ate it all! Well, most of it. A lot ends up on the floor on serve it yourself night.

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