Beans and Mud

The pole beans I lovingly started from seed didn't do too well. Maybe it was the darn squirrels messing with them, or maybe I just started them too soon. Last weekend at the farmer's market I bought some plants and planted them around our bean tee pee. Here is a picture of the new plants next to seedlings. And also some beautiful lettuce at the market, just because.

And here is the tee pee in the back corner of the yard. The goal is to hide, or at least detract, from that awesome utility post. I will post more pictures if the squirrels don't destroy it.

In other garden news, mud is really fun. The sand box with plastic toys isn't nearly as appealing as dirt, water, and a shovel.

A good friend of mine recently set aside a part of her yard for play with a pile of dirt and building materials like bricks and stones. Of course, her kids love it. It has me thinking about the possibilities for this little corner of the yard.

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