Magical Morning

There is a campus near us that I think is magical. The grounds are filled with gardens, a huge lake, sculptures, fountains, and awesome secret pathways. Cranbrook boasts a science center, art museum, and library too, but we just go for the amazing grounds.

Today was our first visit this spring and the girls just loved it. Erika remembered her favorite spots and forged ahead.

While Audrey stuck close to me, "Hold hand, Mommy."

I suggested they bring notebooks and draw things that inspired them, so they drew the rocks that they had climbed over.

And a pond.

We climbed a tree.

And crossed lots of little bridges.

Had a lovely picnic.

And flew a kite.

Really, I think it may have been a perfect morning.

One thought on “Magical Morning”

  1. i love shooting there! would love to take pix of the girls there this summer. for fun! love these pictures! does look like a perfect day.

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