Hands in the Dirt

The last few days have been a little taste of summer with really warm weather and thunderstorms galore. Literally overnight my lettuce, carrots, basil, and cilantro all sprouted. Our Irises are about to pop, too.

This weekend I extended the garden that goes around our yard. Pulling out grass is much harder than I had anticipated, but it's done and I'm ready to plant! Today Audrey and I got a poppy plant and our cherry tomatoes planted. I bought a few plant supports and planted morning and evening glory seeds under them. I also transplanted a rose bush, though my roses have yet to flower. The idea is to cover the fence and distract from the neighbor's garage behind it. I'm still a novice to this gardening business, but luckily my mother in law is also a master gardener and full of ideas when I draw blanks.

Since these pictures were taken I've moved the pots and things around a handful of times and I'm sure they will move many more times before I find the perfect place for everything. For now it's nice to look around the yard and just see things green and growing.

In addition to gardening, there was some bird watching.

And some bike washing.

And some general digging for no particular reason.

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