Paper, Flour, Water

Can you guess what I'm up to? Wednesday is Cinco de Mayo and we're having a party! The girls had so much fun making pinatas last month at MOCA that I thought it was the perfect project for this party. So I've been up to my armpits in paper mache. This is my first time with it, so it's a little slow going. But, it seems to be coming together.

For the paste I mixed flour and water until it was sort of creamy and glue like. Having a lot of different shaped pieces of newspaper seems to work best- larger square pieces for the top, wide strips for the sides, and short strips for the bottom. I'm doing two layers of newspaper, letting it dry overnight, and putting a layer of sheet paper on top.

In other news, my fingers are sore from working in the garden. I was out there until the rain was soaking me, so picture will come tomorrow.

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