Last summer I found a red cape at a garage sale for 25 cents. Erika wore it a few times and then lost interest in it. Try as I might to sway her, she prefers to dress up like a princess, a ballerina, or a nanny (I think this comes from her obsession with The Sound of Music and the Eloise books). But the cape has made a serious comeback in recent weeks, thanks to the big E I sewed on the back. Now it's not just some cape, it's a way to transform into Super Erika, a superhero who is mainly interested in helping the Earth and small animals. She can run faster, she can swing higher, and she wants to jump off really high places to catch some air. Who can blame her for trying?

I have practically no sewing skills, so I just cut out an E from some felt and sewed it on using different colors of thread. I like the looks-like-the-kid-made-it-herself look of it, don't you? Convenient for me, too.

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