Farm Babies

Last week we took a little field trip with some friends to a 4,400 acre park in Kensington, a suburb of Detroit. Kensington Metropark has activities from fishing and hiking, to disc golf and cross country skiing. We went for the Farm Center, which not only has all the animals you would expect to see, but also hayrides, a nature center with classes and activities, and maple syrup tapping. The kids loved running around and meeting all the animals, especially since most of them had babies. Baby farm animals!

Erika's favorite part of the farm was the chicken coop. She kept running back in there and waiting for a hen to lay an egg. As we turned out the lights that night she said to me, "Mommy, I want to live on a farm. Then I could go out everyday and collect eggs." Audrey's favorite part of the farm was the horse which was hanging out right by the fence. He was so sweet and gentle and loved all the attention we were giving him.

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