First Seeds

I finally got some seeds in the dirt today. Since this is Michigan and we could still have a freezing temperatures at any moment, I planted most of the plants in egg cartons so we can bring them in at night over the next few weeks. In my small raised garden bed I planted carrots and lettuce on either side of the already existing strawberry plant that has yet to yield a single strawberry, but somehow managed to survive winter. I also have a small peppermint plant in there that survived the winter. Not quite sure what to do with the peppermint but pick the leaves and smell them.

In two small pots I planted basil and cilantro. I'm saving another huge pot for a tomato plant. In the egg cartons are sunflowers, because last year Corey accidentally weed whacked the sunflowers last year and Erika hasn't forgotten about it, Marigolds, because I heard that they will keep the squirrels away, Zinnia, because they are pretty and I can cut them for the house, and pole string beans because I am determined to get a good bean house going for the fairies this year.

This was a special planting year because it was the first year that I had a little helper. Last year Erika was able to help a little, but this year she really sat and worked with me, really getting her hands dirty and staying focused. It was pretty awesome.

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