Busy Bee

I know. I've been missing in action for a bit too long, but I can explain. First, there was our little bean's second birthday to plan and stay up late preparing for.

It was an ice cream party, but I just had to make some mini cupcakes, too.

And, of course, there was ice cream. We had tons of toppings and let the kids make their own sundaes.

Audrey had a great time and loved all the attention.

There was a pie eating contest. Audrey didn't win, but she was happy to sit and eat that whipped cream one little fingertip full at a time.

And there was a relay race with water balloons in ice cream cones. It was about a zillion degrees that day, so water balloons were a big hit.

After the birthday festivities I had to get ready for a solo trip out to California for a dear friend's wedding. This is all you need when you travel alone. Amazing, isn't it?

Visiting with wonderful friends that I don't see nearly often enough, witnessing the union of such a special couple, and spending the weekend driving through the bay area with my Dad, talking each other's ears off, was so spectacular.

This is just a slice of what I've missed writing about, which brings me to my final reason for slacking. I have somehow managed to pull a tendon in my hand. It hurts. It hurts more when I use my left hand like I'm doing right now. So, forgive me if my posts are short for a while- I have to give this thing a chance to heal.

I hope the last few weeks have been as good to you as they have been to me!

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